Monday, September 22, 2008

Kill Them All

Eeuuwww. What can you say about a homoerotic ad where none of the guys are even slightly erotic?
These actors just looks nasty to me.
And the whole concept of having two strangers blowing bubbles in some naked guy's hotel tub is just creepy in general.
Besides, who sits in a tub in a hotel? I stand on a towel just to shower in one of those germ factories.


  1. I will admit that my first thought when I saw this commercial was this: "Hellz, yeah, the white guys are blowing the bubbles and the black guy's relaxing in the tub! Yeah, baby! JUSTICE!"


  2. When I walked past a teevee playing this commercial, I didn't stop to watch, but I thought the two guys were drinking the other guy's bathwater. I was a bit squicked out by that, but the real explanation is no better.


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