Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Low Calories and It Doesn't Taste Like Battery Acid

That seems to be the underlying pitch for Bud Light, that it has "drinkability", which seems to be beer-speak for "at least your throat won't swell shut if you drink our stuff."

Bud Light is to beer what Thunderbird is to wine. The only reasons to drink either one is because you need to get shitfaced, you don't have a lot of cash for accomplishing the task and you're too much of a pussy to just go the hard-core route and buy a plastic jug of cheap-ass vodka.

"Drinkability" is a self-selecting con; anyone stupid enough to believe that hype really should be drinking Bud Light.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Buick Enclave Ad

1. There is nothing sexy or hip about a Buick Enclave.
2. Hiring a phony, pretentious "director" to film a car in a luxurious setting when the car is better suited to a supermarket parking lot is insulting to consumers.
3. The phony director saying he "needs Zen time with this model" is loathsome. Since when is Zen synonymous with fucking, which is the implied message?
4. Why does the phony director call himself the Robin Hood of whatever? What's that got to do with anything?
5. Why is Buick trying to sell this piece of crap to hipsters? If you were 30 and had a hot date, would he or she driving up in a car like this impress you, or would you immediately look in the back for the baby seat?

How to kill this character?
Gimme the keys, I'll run him over, then throw his gasping body into the deep end.