Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kill All of These "Big Pharma" Spokesicons

No, I am not going to have the "detrol discussion" with anyone.

Nor am I going to discuss fiber neuralgia or cholesterol levels or hypertension or any of that. I'm not going to change my vitamins, either. If I have a medical problem, I can go talk to my doctor without the prompting of a bloody ad on the idjit box.

Once, just once I would like to be able to watch the evening news without feeling as though I have been bombarded with a capsule reading of the Physician's Desk Reference, as given by the spokesvermin from Big Pharma. Of course, all of those ads are aimed at folks over fifty, as people much under 50 are not watching the evening news, which is why you don't see ads for snowboards.

I am sick of these fucking ads, which means that I can take the one thing that can be prescribed for it: Turning off the TV set. And before you suggest PBS's "News Hour," don't forget all all of the ads sponsor's acknowledgments at the beginning of each show.

Kill the icons before they kill us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weatherdude, a Mr. Charles Darwin is Calling on Line 2

The brave stupid weathermen who stand outside in a hurricane to show you that "damn, the wind is blowing hard!"

This happens every year. The worst offenders are the pack of lunatics on the Weather Channel. It is probably inevitable that during a hurricane, a piece of flying debris will waste one of those morons. Or maybe they'll be standing in a large puddle ("look how deep the water is here") when a power line comes down and fries the reporter.

Reporters used to have more sense. They'd set up a camera so they could get shots of trees whipping around or street signs blowing around and then the weatherman, who was safe in a nice warm and dry studio, would supply the narration.

But no, that is not good enough anymore. Now the idiots have to stand outside in the wind and rain to show that it is rainy and windy. They are living proof to the proposition that being on television makes one stupid.

Sadly, it probably will take one or more of these idiots getting his (or her) fool self seriously injured or killed in order to restore a touch of sanity to these lens-happy jackoffs. If there is an afterlife, it would only be fitting that Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin would greet them with a hard dope-slap.

UPDATE: It took about two hours for someone at the Weather Channel to find this post.