Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do NOT Kill This Character

In the spirit of Christmas, here's a little someone I'd love to find under my tree.
Great ad, Charlize Theron.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shred the Dress. And the Card.

"Hey, Honey, we can't go on vacation because I blew all of our credit-card miles on this dress!"

This commercial is just ridiculous. First off, the credit card companies are busily slashing their customer base and their customers' credit lines. Second, you'll have to hunt a long way to find a straight guy who is going to be happy at the idea that, instead of being able to use the credit-card points to take a vacation, his wife used them to buy a very expensive dress. From his approving expression when she models the dress, he's probably a closeted drag queen and as soon as she goes off to work, he's going to try on that number.

Use the dress to polish your shoes. Shitcan this commercial.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Go Like a Pro- and Fucking Retire, Already

I am so sick of this one:

So National Car Rental lets you choose which color of a fleet-purchased-GM-piece-of-shit you get to rent. Big Fucking Deal. That's why you should choose National, because you get to choose the color of the car you're going to rent? Do people even open the door to see if the inside smells of puke or check the trunk for bodies?

Retire this ad.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top Queen

What's Tiny and Macho?

Okay, okay, I admit I'm a little late to climb on the Top Gun fighter jet, but I'm just seeing Top Gun for the first time while waiting for Mad Men to come on AMC.
Was Tom Cruise kidding?
Can Navy fighter pilots actually be 19-years-old, 5'2" and gay?
It's hard to believe anyone actually bought this character and his weenie little voice, acting all butch n' stuff.
How would I kill this character?
I'd back the jet over him on the tarmac and squash him like the icky little bug he is.

Drown This Guy.

Or have him eaten by a very large octopus. It's all the same to me.

(By the way, that's about a 60 gallon barrel. 60 gallons of water, which is what whiskey pretty much is, weighs about 500lbs, plus the weight of the barrel. I don't think some pasty-faced distiller's going to be walking up a beach with it over his shoulder.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hang Up On This Clown

Stephen Colbert's "Atone Phone":

The Colbert Report has been doing this bit for the last three years. It was reasonably funny two years ago, but now, it has crossed over into total lameness. Ending the bit now would be a preemptive move, as next year, it will be so stale a gag that it totally sucks.

Disconnect this one

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Low Calories and It Doesn't Taste Like Battery Acid

That seems to be the underlying pitch for Bud Light, that it has "drinkability", which seems to be beer-speak for "at least your throat won't swell shut if you drink our stuff."

Bud Light is to beer what Thunderbird is to wine. The only reasons to drink either one is because you need to get shitfaced, you don't have a lot of cash for accomplishing the task and you're too much of a pussy to just go the hard-core route and buy a plastic jug of cheap-ass vodka.

"Drinkability" is a self-selecting con; anyone stupid enough to believe that hype really should be drinking Bud Light.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Buick Enclave Ad

1. There is nothing sexy or hip about a Buick Enclave.
2. Hiring a phony, pretentious "director" to film a car in a luxurious setting when the car is better suited to a supermarket parking lot is insulting to consumers.
3. The phony director saying he "needs Zen time with this model" is loathsome. Since when is Zen synonymous with fucking, which is the implied message?
4. Why does the phony director call himself the Robin Hood of whatever? What's that got to do with anything?
5. Why is Buick trying to sell this piece of crap to hipsters? If you were 30 and had a hot date, would he or she driving up in a car like this impress you, or would you immediately look in the back for the baby seat?

How to kill this character?
Gimme the keys, I'll run him over, then throw his gasping body into the deep end.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Steer a Tornado Right Over These Clowns

Vortex 2 on the Weather Channel:

Tornado research is not a bad thing and the Vortex 2 Project is a lot larger than the Weather Channel's piece of it. But damn, can the people at the Weather Channel not talk about it 87 times each hour?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Melt This One Down For Scrap

The various models of the Terminator:

The movies in the Terminator series have been on a long slide downhill and T-4, excuse me "Terminator Salvation" accelerates the descent. The first movie was a pretty good story. After that, each movie chipped away at having a coherent story, though T-2 was good with Linda Hamilton transitioning from terrified waitress in T-1 to guerrilla master in T-2.

T-3 had long extended action sequences that were reminiscent of a Warner Brothers cartoon, including an extremely ridiculous chase sequence in which the bad terminator, driving a large crane, chased the good terminator and John Connor. T-4 substitutes the long chase scenes of T-3 with a lot of loud explosions and sets that make the movie Sin City look real by comparison. Like every movie in the series since T-2, this one has a "good" terminator, though this one, for reasons best left unexplained (if you still want to see this steaming pile of dreck), comes to fight on the side of humanity on its own.

Script pitch: Year 2018. Good terminator helps John Connor save the young man who will become his father. The two blow up Skynet's base in San Francisco. Good terminator sacrifices himself to save Connor. Fade to credits.

The Terminator series needs to end, now. The next person to pitch a T-5 concept should be flogged with barbed wire.

Collect up all of the Terminator models and melt them down.

(We'll be dealing with the real thing by the end of this century, anyway.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quizzno's Gay Sandwich

When You Hear a Male Voice Say, "Put It In Me, Scott..."

Hey, I'm all for queerie stuff on TV, but come on, a phallic sandwich and a talking male toaster oven asking a male to stick it in?
Who exactly are they trying to sell this sandwich to, Log Cabin Republicans?
As a self respecting lesbian, I might enjoy a sandwich like the new Quizzno's Torpedo, but do I really want to be thinking about some guy asking another guy to stick it in while I've got my mouth wrapped around it?
What's next, a Taco Bell ad with a female talking piece of foil asking some woman to "Lick my delicious taco?"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

He's back

enough said

more flags, more fun, more puke

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cuban GYN/Car Salesman? WTF?

There should be some sort of qualifier before just anyone can cut a TV ad.
This guy shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a vagina or a Volkswagen, a hymen or a Hyundai, a labia or a Lexus, a pussy or a Prius, or a cooter or a Cougar.

How would I kill this character? I'd run him over in a Volkswagen, then a Hyundai, then a Lexus, then a Prius, then finish him off with a Cougar.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twilight, Moonlight, Whatever.

Vampires. Zombies. Werewolves. Whatever.

Kill them all.

Let Lucifer sort them out.

(Thanks to CrankyProf for reminding me how much vampires and zombies annoy the shit out of me)

FGetch a large scrub brush and a bucket of lard.

Robert Pattison is the greasy, whiny, emo douche who plays a greasy, whiny emo douche vampire that sparkles in "Twilight."

As far as I can tell, his only real talent as an actor is that he repels soap and makes little tweener girls squee at ear-shattering pitches.

Can we 86 the sparkly vampire and relegate this guy to third-line fry cook at Bob's House of Vinegar and Water?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Where, oh where do I start?
First, the King himself is pure therapy fodder for any kiddies who watch his shiny, pedophiley face and gigantic noggin perched upon his normal adult male body, which incidentally is wearing a freakin' skirt, bobby socks and pointy Mary Janes.
But with burger joints like BK to blame for kazillions of obese children, are square butts really something they should be shooting for?
Didja ever see a woman with a square butt? Was she skinny?
No, she was not.
Butts are not square by nature. It takes a lotta lard to get a butt to turn square, unless you're a yellow kitchen sponge, and they don't exist, much less eat burgers.
And besides, this ad featuring square butts shows rectangular butts, not square butts.
It would be like Sesame Street characters singing 'The Circle Game' while playing with ovals.
And what's with calling them butts?
When I was little, butt was a bad word. I guess now a three-year-old tells his pediatrician he doesn't want a shot in his butt?

So let's review:

The King is creepy enough.
Sir Mix-a-Lot's original song, "I Like Big Butts" refers to a sexual preference, and should toddlers start preferring certain types of body parts at that age?
Sponge Bob Squarepants is almost as creepy as The King.
Square butts are nothing to shoot for.
Rectangles are not squares.
'Butt' is too mature a word for toddlers to be throwing around.

How would I kill this character?
With telephone book-piercing ammunition and a couple of blasts to the butt.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soldiers! Destroy That Nose!

If you watch the news, you've probably seen the Omnaris ad with the legion of itty biddy soldiers who muscle up a nose spray to some woman suffering from allergies or congestion or a lack of cocaine.

This is the ad:

The really stupid thing about this ad is its obvious use of imagery from the movie Patton.

Reaching back to a movie that is nearly thirty years old would seem to be to be an advertising strategy that is insane beyond belief: "Hey, let's target our advertising for our new allergy drug to people who are old enough to join AARP." At this time of year, lots of people suffer from allergies, not just people who use glucosamine pills to lubricate their joints.

May the allergy sufferer sneeze and blow all of those little bastards to Hell.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The GEICO Eyes

I'm almost ashamed I have GEICO car insurance.
I don't mind their little British gecko, but between the cavemen and this ad, I often consider dumping GEICO just out of principle.
Perhaps they should skip all this insipid advertising, fire their ad agency, lower their rates and hire a spokesperson to just say that?

I mean, come on, who wants disembodied eyes following them around?
Here's my plan for killing them off. Put them in my driveway and I'll back over them until they're flattened out and blind.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sack and hack in Hackensack

Look at these characters at this jewelry store in Hackensack NJ
like Ducks in a row....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kill the character, not the actual kid

It would be absolutely wrong to want to kill an innocent little half-orphan girl, so I don't mean I want to kill the actual kid.
Who I want to kill is the croc hunting, snake licking, lizard loving nature character this kid happens to play.
I wasn't crazy about the kid's deddy, either. I have a strong olfactory sense and he seemed to me like he'd smell of stale B.O., reptile shit and dirty ass cheese.
And after his untimely death while fucking around with a deadly stingray, for the mother to shove this kid into his spot as a nature freak with a death wish, would it be so wrong to want to get a jump on things and just off the kid?
Well, not the kid, the character.
Yeah that's it, kill that character.
How? I'd go with a baby stingray's stinger.
Just like the deddy, only littler.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kill Both These Characters, Then Kill the Phone

Sure, Boost cell phone ads are the worst of their kind, but this one is the worst ad for any product in history.
The last line, where this hirsute cretin says he likes breast milk just made me want to puke it was so gross.
This makes ads for Shamwow, the Charmin Bears and those creepy GEICO eyeballs look like strokes of advertising genius.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No, no, no!

What? A Pig Eating Ham?

This is just wrong on every level.
I don't care what they're selling, this is just obnoxious.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoot Down the Orbitz Hovercraft!

In an age when Americans are resenting the Hell out of greedy corporate slimeballs getting obscene bonuses, hosting lavish getaways, paying for extraordinarily lavish office redecorating and purchasing mega million dollar corporate jets, why would anyone choose a travel booking company that boasts of having a hovercraft they use to deliver overage checks in lieu of stuffing them into envelopes and using 42 cent postage stamps?
Whatever agency dreamed up this campaign really screwed Orbitz.
I don't want to use a travel booking company that wastes money on lousy campaigns that boast of colossal corporate money squandering.
I thought that creepy little gnome was a bad ad campaign, but Orbitz can jam all its executives into that hovercraft and let my Kill This Character colleague Earthbound Misfit shoot it down with one of her trusty submachine guns.
Get 'em, Girl!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Even the Devil Can Hire a Pretty Spokeslut

"Here's the good news about energy: ExxonMobil's profits for 2008 were well over forty billion dollars!"

If you have seen any of the news shows on any of the channels, then you'll recognize the Oil Slut.

The folks at "energy tomorrow dot org" have put up a spiffy web site and are pouring millions of dollars, with all of the abandon of a leaking supertanker, into a PR campaign whose main message is "drill everywhere."

What those putzim hope you never figure out is that petroleum is a commodity. When demand for oil spikes again, everyone in the oil business from the people pumping it out of the ground to the refiners will make a shitload of money and it doesn't matter where they are in the world. When you deal with commodities, even purely local action has an effect on the larger prices, which is what Wickard v. Filburn was about. If crude oil goes to $150 a barrel again, we all will be paying well over $4 for a gallon of gasoline again, and it won't matter at the pump whether the oil wells are in Oklahoma, the Gulf of Mexico, Russia or Saudi Arabia.

What the Oil Slut and the other the folks at "energy tomorrow" are fighting for is a larger share of that $150 and that is all. There is no patriotism driving their message, only greed.

Oil is a commodity that is sold on a world market. Once you understand that point, a point that the oil industry is spending millions of dollars to obscure, then you can understand that there is no difference between reducing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing our dependence on oil. Then you can understand why the words "alternative sources of energy" strike fear into the hearts of the Oil Slut and her employers.

Heart-stopping fear.

Monday, March 2, 2009

"My Experience, In This Type of Market..."

"...is that you should put your money into Mason jars, bury them in the back yard, and shoot your fucking stockbroker in the head."

I cannot tell you how much I despise the "Edward Jones" brokerage ads, the one where the customer comes in at the crack of dawn and the broker says "in my experience, in this kind of market.."

Right. Unless the idiot sitting in that storefront office somewhere has been a stockbroker since 1932, he has no experience with a market that has dropped so much. The Dow Jones is down over 50% from its peak, a drop that has not been seen since 1932, though admitted the market has to drop a hell of a lot more to plumb those depths seen in `32.

No, they have no experience in this kind of market. They, like everyone else, are engaged in heavily whistling past the graveyard. For them to pretend otherwise is bordering on criminal fraud.

Bastards. All of them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

If There Is Anyone Who Deserves to Burn In Hell...

... it would be the clown who invented "clamshell" packaging.

Maybe when they finally get around to inventing a phaser rifle, we'll be able to open these goddamn things without the risk of injury. Until then, about the only way to open one of these buggers is to put on a pair of heavy leather (or kevlar) gloves and then attacking the clamshell with a pair of large scissors.

The people who invented it should be condemned to an eternity in Hell, having to open clamshell packages with only a small pair of dull scissors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trifecta: Orange, Annoying and Antisocial

Chester, the Cheetos tiger.

it's the only snack food that openly promotes sabotaging people.

Yes, some of them are annoying, and most have it coming to them.

But really. Isn't there something really wrong with this? Chester should be...

Ah, who the fuck am I kidding? Chester should be given a medal or something. Most of the people who were sabotaged in the Cheetos commercials deserved to be stood in front of a wall and shot.

Go get them, Chester.

(By the way, can you buy Cheetos in Northern Ireland? I'll bet not.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sales Propaganda For Clueless Hets

"He went to Jared!"
In this economy, nothing says "I love you" like giving the woman you love an overpriced piece of jewelry that you could have purchased for a third of the price from a pawn shop, just because you saw some stupid commercials.

Seriously, guys. There's more to jewelry than a high price tag and "man, is that ever shiny." You might as well buy a car because its color matches your favorite shirt. She may have some preferences in that matter, so if you are so out of ideas that you have to go to Shiny McMarkup, make sure she can return it and keep the receipt.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Annoying Comes in Small Sizes

I cannot begin to tell you how annoying it is to see the commercial about how an accountant discovered a million-dollar error because he had eaten Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast; the little sentient speck of cereal takes the credit for that and then the little demonic monster answers the guy's phone.

Let's gloss over the fact that a pipsqueak that size who tried to talk would be emitting sound waves up in the dog-whistle range. One of my basic rules is that I do not want to have conversations with my food. Even more disturbing, the little critter seems happy at the idea that he is palling around with a guy who just ate a heaping bowl of his relatives.

The clowns who dreamed up this commercial need some serious professional help.

Throw this little fuck outside for the birds to eat.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Like the Internet. Only Slower.

Mark Goldston, CEO of NetZero, a vulture and, in the words of Dickipedia, a dick.

NetZero, in case you have forgotten, is a supplier of dial-up Internet service. Goldston's pitch is that the 56 million households in the U.S could save billions of dollars a year by ditching broadband and going back to dial-up.

That compares to the amount of money that people will save if they put on really heavy clothes, heat their homes with wood fires and draw water from a hand-dug well in their back yards.

More and more websites are video and image heavy. If you try to view those with dial-up, you have to click on the link to the website and then go pour yourself a drink while the web page loads. If you want to watch any video on YouTube or anywhere else, you'll have to get a video downloader (like UltraGet) and then a video player like FLV Player. You paste the video URL into the window in UltraGet and then go have a snack while the video slowly downloads.

Remember, you've got a 56Kb/s modem, maybe. If, for example, you want to download the "Mom's Day William Tell" video:

that's about 7,750Kb. At the fastest possible speed, that's a bit over seven minutes. Most 56K modems tend to connect a tad bit slower, so you may have time to cook dinner while that one video is downloading.

The "Rick Roll" video is 8.3Mb, which will take you nearly 8 minutes to download. The "Passport to Pluto" documentary that I mentioned over at my home blog will take over 37 minutes to download.

Those numbers assume that you do not try to open another browser window while the download is going on. They assume that your youngest kid doesn't pick up an extension and start whistling into it.

Oh and while all that is going on, your phone line is tied up (and you presumably still have wired phone service).

Want to work from home and telecommute into the office by a remote link? Do research online for a project? Not with dialup.

Goldston's ad campaign is an attempt to use a bad economy as a means to rescue a dying method of connectivity. If anything, it is vulturism at its worst.

Hang this bastard high with a modem cord.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Bye Bye Ooziness

OK - I don't wear dentures so I don't know about ooziness. But I know that I wouldn't buy a product advertised by these people talking about mouth ooziness - with a name of Sea Bond - sounds like you are eating the ocean.

PS - I hope Mr. Yuckiness got paid a lot to make an ass of himself.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The End of the "New Year's Glasses"

Thankfully, 2009 was the last New Year's where these stupid glasses with two zeros on either side of the nosebridge can be worn.

So AMF to one of the ugliest items of wearable celebratory kitsch ever mass-produced. They won't be back for 990 years, which probably is not long enough.


I'd like to sop this guy up with a Shamwow and wring him out in the nearest toilet.