Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trifecta: Orange, Annoying and Antisocial

Chester, the Cheetos tiger.

it's the only snack food that openly promotes sabotaging people.

Yes, some of them are annoying, and most have it coming to them.

But really. Isn't there something really wrong with this? Chester should be...

Ah, who the fuck am I kidding? Chester should be given a medal or something. Most of the people who were sabotaged in the Cheetos commercials deserved to be stood in front of a wall and shot.

Go get them, Chester.

(By the way, can you buy Cheetos in Northern Ireland? I'll bet not.)


  1. Yep, I agree... I know some people I would LOVE to do this to. They SOOOOOO deserve to be punished in the most humiliating way.

  2. Those are hilarious! I do believe I know those women.

  3. The Cheetos on the shirt thing was too fabulous.
    Why didn't I think of that?
    And how brilliant were the ad people to take one of Cheetos' biggest flaws and turn it into an asset?

  4. I heart Chester.

    And I heart you guys! I came over here after KZ commented at That's Why.

    The mission of your blog is excellent. So are your politics.

    I am now following!

  5. FF, you ought to take a look at my home blog. It's kind of weak at the moment, though, as I've been getting over a nasty bug.


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