Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tim, You're Not Funny

HBO's cartoon series, "The Life and Times of Tim" is just not funny, nor is it drawn well. And that Ray Romano voice is played out.
Tim, the title character plays a hapless, 20-something office guy in NYC. With a formula that hackneyed, how hard would it be to make it funny?
Well, it must be damned hard because it's just not at all a funny show. It's not even chuckle worthy.
You could follow around virtually ANY 20-something guy in an office and he'd do the same kind of goofy stuff. So?
Come on, HBO. You gave us "Six Feet Under," "Entourage" and "True Blood." Is this all you got cartoon-wise?
Feh. Kill Tim.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Upside of Global Warming

-- no more commercials like this:

The snow is coming down,

On this old New England town,

And it's been snowing all day long.

I wrote this sappy Winter song,

`Coz you're a jerk.

This song became "nails on a chalkboard" by the third time I saw the commercial. I have nothing against L.L. Bean, they don't make a lot of stuff in my size, but I sent them a jacket I had for 20 years to see if they'd fix it. The jacket had missing buttons and was fraying and they fixed it for no charge.

But that song! The people responsible for that ad should be beaten to death by El Kabong.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Very Large Eraser Wanted. Apply Within.

Talk to Chuck, if you can avoid vomiting.

This is from one of the "rotoscope" ads that Charles Schwab is using in their "talk to Chuck" television advertising campaign, probably so the actors in the ads can deny shilling for a stock brokerage firm.

"Give us your retirement money, watch it shrink before your eyes."

I do not know what rotoscoping is supposed to do for Schwab in this ads. Come to think of it, though, getting financial advice from a `toon is probably no more insane than getting it from a stockbroker.

Erase these fuckers.