Sunday, November 9, 2008

Very Large Eraser Wanted. Apply Within.

Talk to Chuck, if you can avoid vomiting.

This is from one of the "rotoscope" ads that Charles Schwab is using in their "talk to Chuck" television advertising campaign, probably so the actors in the ads can deny shilling for a stock brokerage firm.

"Give us your retirement money, watch it shrink before your eyes."

I do not know what rotoscoping is supposed to do for Schwab in this ads. Come to think of it, though, getting financial advice from a `toon is probably no more insane than getting it from a stockbroker.

Erase these fuckers.


  1. Yes, extremely creepy. I don't see the point of it, other than "because we can," unless he idea is to add a special effect, as in the lightsabers of he original Star Wars flicks.

  2. Yes, creepy. Plus I don't like the idea of a stockbroker named Chuck in the first place.

  3. They're also greedy fucks, although I think you mentioned that. Mrs. Bukko's best friend in San Francisco had a goodly sum of her retirement money invested with them, low 6 figures. She specified that she wanted it in a safe, conservative fund. She started it in a money market account, but Schwab shifted it into something riskier without telling her the specifics. It lost more than half its value.

    She protested and hired a lawyer to recover what Schwab screwed up, but Schwab had the standard binding arbitration clause in its investment agreement. Meaning "We get to pick the judge and jury." So now she's out of tens of thousands of dollars.

    DO NOT TO BUSINESS WIOTH CHARLES SCHWAB! THEY ARE EVIL! But you probably know that already, and not just because of their shonky ads. However, it never hurts to tell as many people as you can.


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