Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Upside of Global Warming

-- no more commercials like this:

The snow is coming down,

On this old New England town,

And it's been snowing all day long.

I wrote this sappy Winter song,

`Coz you're a jerk.

This song became "nails on a chalkboard" by the third time I saw the commercial. I have nothing against L.L. Bean, they don't make a lot of stuff in my size, but I sent them a jacket I had for 20 years to see if they'd fix it. The jacket had missing buttons and was fraying and they fixed it for no charge.

But that song! The people responsible for that ad should be beaten to death by El Kabong.


  1. This is parody?

    No, this is a piece of shit. This blog... this post...

    Fuckin A.

    btw... i'm very liberal. please stop.

  2. Someone please shovel this jerk in the head.
    Thank you.


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