Sunday, February 22, 2009

If There Is Anyone Who Deserves to Burn In Hell...

... it would be the clown who invented "clamshell" packaging.

Maybe when they finally get around to inventing a phaser rifle, we'll be able to open these goddamn things without the risk of injury. Until then, about the only way to open one of these buggers is to put on a pair of heavy leather (or kevlar) gloves and then attacking the clamshell with a pair of large scissors.

The people who invented it should be condemned to an eternity in Hell, having to open clamshell packages with only a small pair of dull scissors.


  1. I hate those damn things... they are impossible to open as you said... I have a box knife I use... very carefully...from when I used to drive that I used to open crates on the truck.. lol

  2. Same goes with CD wrappers. Takes half an hour to peel all the crap off of one.

  3. Wrap the inventor in clamshell packaging. Nobody would let him or her out.

  4. Oh I hate those too! Sometimes they don't look like they can just be opened by disengaging the "snap thing" and you get some scissors to cut it open,(like battery packs) then while you are struggling with cutting the thick fucking plastic, the damn thing opens up! Fuckin' things!
    and I agree with Karen-those CD wrappers suck too!


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