Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soldiers! Destroy That Nose!

If you watch the news, you've probably seen the Omnaris ad with the legion of itty biddy soldiers who muscle up a nose spray to some woman suffering from allergies or congestion or a lack of cocaine.

This is the ad:

The really stupid thing about this ad is its obvious use of imagery from the movie Patton.

Reaching back to a movie that is nearly thirty years old would seem to be to be an advertising strategy that is insane beyond belief: "Hey, let's target our advertising for our new allergy drug to people who are old enough to join AARP." At this time of year, lots of people suffer from allergies, not just people who use glucosamine pills to lubricate their joints.

May the allergy sufferer sneeze and blow all of those little bastards to Hell.


  1. Then it says... INCOMING....I saw it last night...I couldn't believe

    I agree.. shoot it down.

  2. It's called demographic advertising.

    Quite likely young people are already buying the latest method of minimizing cold suffering.

    This ad is going after we old folks, to pry the Vick’s Vap-O-Rub out of our cold gnarled hands.

  3. Oh goodie, you have the sniffles from allergies, spray this shit up your nose and end up with a headache, nosebleeds and a sore throat.
    Yeah, gimme some of that.


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