Saturday, April 4, 2009

The GEICO Eyes

I'm almost ashamed I have GEICO car insurance.
I don't mind their little British gecko, but between the cavemen and this ad, I often consider dumping GEICO just out of principle.
Perhaps they should skip all this insipid advertising, fire their ad agency, lower their rates and hire a spokesperson to just say that?

I mean, come on, who wants disembodied eyes following them around?
Here's my plan for killing them off. Put them in my driveway and I'll back over them until they're flattened out and blind.


  1. Well I am glad you can afford GEICO, I couldn't ....LOL they were so very much higher than my insurance.. so I stuck with mine.

    But yes, I hate the eyes, I hated the cavemen, and I hate the gecko, but the eyes are the worse of all. They are spooky...

  2. the gecko and the cavemen have also made appearances on this blog.

  3. Love the gecko, but the eyes must go. I especially hate the one where the guy is driving and stops on a country road to ask the creepy guy for directions, and the eyes are on the fencepost, supposedly following the guy in the car.

    I mean, come on. Those eyes could not have possibly climbed up on that fencepost. Disembodied eyes are afraid of splinters.

  4. Ugh I hate those ads too! It is like (to me) like they said "this is kinda quirky, and fits the Geico ad mold."
    Its just plain old dumb. Nothing funny about it I actually liked the Caveman thing for the first 1 or 2 that came out-the dinner, the movie set; but now they are all just stale, stupid and irritating. I just turn the channel.

  5. I never liked the cavemen because they were too bufugly to look at.
    I mean, we've all seen actual guys who look like that and they're unsavory to be around.


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