Saturday, May 9, 2009

He's back

enough said

more flags, more fun, more puke


  1. I heard from someone who works at our local Six Flags that he is actually a she, made up to look like an old fart who can dance.
    All that head rubber must be hot.
    Unlike him (or her).

  2. Oh man. Isn't the puke enough?

  3. I forced my BigSis on the Six Flags roller coaster once and she was totally freaked out, but once the ride ended she kinda liked it.
    It was a spectacular ride, until it caused so many chiropractic maladies they had to re-do because the lawsuits started piling up.
    Anyway, we meandered around a while afterwards and ended up eating burgers, fries and root beers.
    Once we were done eating I suggested we ride the roller coaster again, and she said, "We just ate!"
    I reminded her, "It's not a stomach thing, it's a neck and back thing."
    So we got back on.
    The damn thing blew one of the lenses right out of my sunglasses.
    But we did not puke.

  4. I heard that Six Flags is in financial trouble, so this character may pass on of its own accord.

    On an unrelated note, my verification word is bunslimp. I resemble that remark.

  5. i've had it with that twisted old fruit. scares the shit outa me.

    word verification: napinest.

  6. I always hated that old fart. He's annoying, he can't dance and he has the worst taste in music in the world.

    Mr. Six = One flag.
    No Mr. Six = Six flags. No Mr. Six, more fun for myself.


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