Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Low Calories and It Doesn't Taste Like Battery Acid

That seems to be the underlying pitch for Bud Light, that it has "drinkability", which seems to be beer-speak for "at least your throat won't swell shut if you drink our stuff."

Bud Light is to beer what Thunderbird is to wine. The only reasons to drink either one is because you need to get shitfaced, you don't have a lot of cash for accomplishing the task and you're too much of a pussy to just go the hard-core route and buy a plastic jug of cheap-ass vodka.

"Drinkability" is a self-selecting con; anyone stupid enough to believe that hype really should be drinking Bud Light.


  1. Budlight might be the last dribbles of reindeer piss but it sure does sell. I figure the idiocy of 'drinkability' is done to appease and coddle BL drinkers by inferring they really are OK and they should therefore drink even more of the spiked dishwater called Budlight.

    Is Thunderbird still being made?

  2. Here in South Texas, Bud Lite is the beer of choice for Tejano music fans, whereas Coors Lite is for redneck shitkickers, and Miller Lite is for everyone else.
    We snooty, elite, gay liberals in TX don't drink much beer.
    We drink wine, margaritas and Gray Goose or Tanqueray martinis.
    I don't think I've ever even tasted Bud Lite. I know it smells like chilled cat piss, though.

  3. It can be useful to flush the whiskey out of my system , if it's free, I try not to pay for piss water.

  4. If Bud of any type came out of the kitchen tap you'd want to sue someone for polluting, your house would be declared a superfund site and your house value would drop 50%.
    But other than that what's not to like?
    1. Shitfaced - check
    2. Cheap - not the cheapest but then it is your liver.
    3. I hear after a couple your taste buds don't work any more so the taste of weasel piss goes away.


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