Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoot Down the Orbitz Hovercraft!

In an age when Americans are resenting the Hell out of greedy corporate slimeballs getting obscene bonuses, hosting lavish getaways, paying for extraordinarily lavish office redecorating and purchasing mega million dollar corporate jets, why would anyone choose a travel booking company that boasts of having a hovercraft they use to deliver overage checks in lieu of stuffing them into envelopes and using 42 cent postage stamps?
Whatever agency dreamed up this campaign really screwed Orbitz.
I don't want to use a travel booking company that wastes money on lousy campaigns that boast of colossal corporate money squandering.
I thought that creepy little gnome was a bad ad campaign, but Orbitz can jam all its executives into that hovercraft and let my Kill This Character colleague Earthbound Misfit shoot it down with one of her trusty submachine guns.
Get 'em, Girl!


  1. If I had a submachinegun, that is. Which I don't.

  2. Oh, man. I hadn't thought of this angle. I was just so baffled by the very idea of a hovercraft. That's what I thought my kids were when I'm trying to do untoward things on the computer.

  3. EB, Give it time. You just need to find one you like.
    Lisa? Untoward things on the computer? You?

  4. I guess I had the wrong idea.. to me "hover" meant just above the ground...not 50 feet up in the

    So, yes.. shoot it down.. I hate the damn commercial too...bnot only is it dumb, it is like all the rest such a waste of my time.

  5. i guess i should hide my hovercraft

  6. Some people need to relax. IT'S FUNNY! In all reality, that is not a true hovercraft but a fictional version. A true hovercraft only flys about 8 inches off the ground and is a whole lot more economical than the 747's that people are booking their flights on. I guess we should park our SUVs also because it might upset someone who drive a KIA.

  7. I love these commercials and the perfectly nerdy guy they chose to be the pilot I wouldn't have chosen him, but I would have missed his unique patronizing nerdiness. Oh course he is bogus! He is supposed to be, but you do get a check.

  8. Can anyone tell me who the actor is that plays the hovercraft pilot?
    He reminds me of Steve Cobert of the Cobert Report..

  9. I'm thinking how the saucer pilot is the same dude who played Cameron in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"; the only U.S. movie which never had; but should have had a soundtrack CD!


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