Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kill the character, not the actual kid

It would be absolutely wrong to want to kill an innocent little half-orphan girl, so I don't mean I want to kill the actual kid.
Who I want to kill is the croc hunting, snake licking, lizard loving nature character this kid happens to play.
I wasn't crazy about the kid's deddy, either. I have a strong olfactory sense and he seemed to me like he'd smell of stale B.O., reptile shit and dirty ass cheese.
And after his untimely death while fucking around with a deadly stingray, for the mother to shove this kid into his spot as a nature freak with a death wish, would it be so wrong to want to get a jump on things and just off the kid?
Well, not the kid, the character.
Yeah that's it, kill that character.
How? I'd go with a baby stingray's stinger.
Just like the deddy, only littler.

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  1. Thought that dad was crazy.. the kid is crazier.. so is the mom.. What's worse.. the mom is from Oregon.. she actually moved to Australia to marry the jerk.. not that moving to Australia was bad.. but to be with idiot Irwin.. geeze.. lol


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