Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kill Both These Characters, Then Kill the Phone

Sure, Boost cell phone ads are the worst of their kind, but this one is the worst ad for any product in history.
The last line, where this hirsute cretin says he likes breast milk just made me want to puke it was so gross.
This makes ads for Shamwow, the Charmin Bears and those creepy GEICO eyeballs look like strokes of advertising genius.


  1. That's even worse than the ham & hog.. geeze ... makes me ill.. just ill.

  2. I know!
    Actually, I was looking for this Boost ad when I posted the cannibal pig ad but I couldn't find it.
    Then this morning on AOL they had a little feature on the 25 worst TV ads and there it was, in all its crappiness.

  3. I was actually considering getting a Boost Mobile phone. Before I saw this on TV.

  4. Not even close to being funny! Would anyone actually see this and go-"Oh hey George! I want one of those Boost phones-let go and get one!"?


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