Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kill All of These "Big Pharma" Spokesicons

No, I am not going to have the "detrol discussion" with anyone.

Nor am I going to discuss fiber neuralgia or cholesterol levels or hypertension or any of that. I'm not going to change my vitamins, either. If I have a medical problem, I can go talk to my doctor without the prompting of a bloody ad on the idjit box.

Once, just once I would like to be able to watch the evening news without feeling as though I have been bombarded with a capsule reading of the Physician's Desk Reference, as given by the spokesvermin from Big Pharma. Of course, all of those ads are aimed at folks over fifty, as people much under 50 are not watching the evening news, which is why you don't see ads for snowboards.

I am sick of these fucking ads, which means that I can take the one thing that can be prescribed for it: Turning off the TV set. And before you suggest PBS's "News Hour," don't forget all all of the ads sponsor's acknowledgments at the beginning of each show.

Kill the icons before they kill us.


  1. news as proscribed by these capitalist owners of the country. they sell their worldview as much as they sell their drugs.

  2. AMEN!!!!

    From the first time I ever heard "ask your doctor if the purple pill is right for you", without ever knowing what the purple pill was (not even in the fine print....) - long before I became a physician myself - , I wanted to kill myself.

    I see pharma ads as the end of the world - in the name of such idiotic terms as "full disclosure" and "patient autonomy", I see the other side of the coin - patients coming to me asking to change their medications to one equally/less effective because the boob tube told them it was better.

    Shut the f*ckers down

  3. pharma ads are a big problem

    i have been party to copy discussions --- we spent 4 months on the copy of a 30 second claritin ad

    but for big pharma they work -- people ask for it

    i think it is such a bad bad idea

  4. I agree!

    My father was a medical advertising writer during his career - before they were allowed to advertise to the public. He wrote print ads aimed at doctors and they were medically interesting, thorough and useful to the doctors. Obviously they were trying to sell but they had the information a doctor needed to make a decision. The ads on TV are just there to get the patient to come in and hound the poor doctor. It's bad enough they advertise to doctors without getting the ignorant patient in on the scam.

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