Thursday, January 5, 2012

Open Your Mouths and Drown!

This is the current stupid commercial that Comcast/Xfinity is now airing.

Sappy enough for the Lifetime Channel, only with guys who are too stupid to come out of the rain.

Yeah, you can get fast speed on Comcast. At five o'clock in the fucking morning. In the late afternoon and evening, forget about it, for you're using the cyber-equivalent of a telephone party line. The only people crying about Comcast are those who have seen how high their bill spiked once the promotional rates timed out, or those who are stuck with the recycled POS DVRs, cable boxes and cable modems that Comcast rents to their "customers".

There's no sound of thunder, so we can't hope that those two fools will be hit by lightning. Maybe they'll look up and drown, or catch pneumonia or be eaten by the DirectTV wolves.

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