Friday, February 5, 2010

Yes, This is a Repeat. So Sue Me.

I know that two of my co-bloggers here have dealt with these guys in posts 18 months ago.
I also know that by the rules that I established for this blog, we're only supposed to wish harm to the characters, not the people.

I know that.

But these guys are really pushing the envelope on being terminally annoying. Did you know that those fuckers have a website for their "free credit report band"? And did you realize that there are probably people on this planet, outside of those living in locked wards, who download the music from the commercials?

I didn't either, not until tonight.

So here is the deal for the free credit report dot com folks: When you run a commercial that shows those guys all of a sudden sporting red 0.45in. bindis, I'll come visit your web site. I might even subscribe to your service.

And if those .45 bindis just happen to be the manifestation of a sudden and terminal case of bullet wounds, well, that's show biz.

(H/T for the bindi reference)


  1. is not free, for starters, and it's a huge scam to boot.
    Plus, the lead singer is a Frenchie French Canadian, so what the fuck does he know?

  2. and they are now being investigated

  3. Good! I hope they throw the book at this crooked scam.

  4. Yeah. My mother thinks the guitarist is "cute". Argh.


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