Friday, August 20, 2010

I Want My DDT

Because I would use it to kill the frakking Nasonex bee:

This bug, with its fake Antonio Banderas accent, grates every time that my senses are assaulted by it.

Let me ask this, though: Who comprises the target audience for this product campaign? Are there really that many idiots who are willing to take pharmacological advice from an insect?

Spray this bug with DDT and then step on it.


  1. You have my full approval on the means of eliminating this annoying bug.

  2. What's really disturbing is there's a character in Resident Evil 4 (Luis, although the dumbass American hero Leon calls him Loo-iss!) who sounds EXACTLY like the bumblebee guy. Thank goodness I just got to the part of the game where he dies via impalement by a scary alien thing.


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