Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Annoying Car Insurance Character

Flo, the checkout girl at the Progressive store:

She has to be a good actress, though, for anybody who was really that excited about selling car insurance would be in a straitjacket and on a constant Thorazine IV drip.

Death by cranial explosion when someone gets a really good deal on their car insurance?

One thing you may note about my posts as this blog goes on is that they are going to focus mainly on characters in commercials. I do not watch a lot of television shows; if a character was annoying enough for me, I probably had quit watching the show by then. The last TV character that I found thoroughly annoying was the Joxer character in Xena, Warrior Princess and, if my memory is correct, they killed him off anyway.


  1. Oh, yes!!!!!!

    What is it with car insurance commercials? They seem to go out of their way to create annoying characters.

    And like you, I watch way too much MSNBC.

  2. I've gotten away from MSBNC for the most part. An hour of pure politics makes me want to eat a gun.

  3. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, but I like her.

    I can't stand the pink haired e-surance girl, though.

    And that PineSol commericial where the woman is cleaning and the guy is levitating?

    Or that fucking centaur one?

    Oh! The new Joy commerical or something where they literally say that a clean house where there is nothing left to do is the meaning of joy!

  4. (small voice) I kind of like her, too. (/small voice) Especially because she's actually a decent actress who's a regular on Mad Men.


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