Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cellularly Annoying; Pt. 2

The Alltel Wireless dude:

and his pack of assholes:

I have only known a couple of guys who have gone by the name of "Chad" or "Chaz;" neither one of them were worth the cost of a bullet.

So yes, brain cancer from cell phone radiation sounds like a fitting demise for these putzim.


  1. They need to hook up with the Secret deodorant gal who has an unnatural attraction to/fixation on/obsession with her under arms...high fiving strangers on the street, acting stupid with cops, saluting doormen, etc. "Ummmmmm, FRESH!"
    I want to take a hedge cutter to her pits so she will shut up.

    Oh, the British "Dirty Mouth?" chewing gum gal could join them

  2. Glenn Beck
    That creepy Burger King dude.
    The State Farm car insurance commercial where the clueless chick asks questions of everyone she sees instead of, you know, actually doing some research
    The chewing gum commercial with the blonde with the fake Brit accent who looks like she's going to eat your brain

  3. Oh, for heaven's sake! I'm missing the fun!

    What a great list! (guess who forgot to rss feed this. Lame, totally lame.)

  4. Add that laundry lady! Shit, if some old bat showed up at my house to talk about my "dingies", I'd pour bleach down her throat.

    Yeah I'm PMSing;)


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