Saturday, July 26, 2008

Historically Annoying

The Geico Caveman.

This particular character got terribly old after the second or third commercial.

The Neanderthals lost the Battle of Natural Selection tens of thousands of years ago. There was a reason for that. This character needs to be beaten with a heavy stick.


  1. I am afraid that there will be a movie featuring this character and that we are that fucked up (collectively speaking).

  2. Why would anybody make a movie? The series tanked, and not in a "Firefly- Fox Executives Are Just Assholes" sort of way.

  3. Oh YES. After all this time I *still* feel a little creeped out by those guys when they turn up on TV.

  4. Love the new blog you've got going here. And yes, the cavemen have to go. There is something repulsively offensive about the whole thing which I can't quite put my finger on.

    I much prefer the Gecko.

  5. Well, but the Talia Shire as therapist ones are fecking hilarious.


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