Saturday, August 9, 2008

All Bears Can Eat You!

Kill The Care Bears

I hate the Care Bears and their movies, cartoons, merchandise, toys and other crap because they send the wrong message to kids: bears are sweet, cute and cuddly.
No, they are not.
Bears will chase, attack, bite, claw, skin, disembowel and then eat you, even if they are neither angry nor hungry.
Allowing animators and others who pander to impressionable children to use images of violent, carnivorous, savage beasts as adorable animal friends is just wrong.
What's next, cuddly chupacabras?
It's just wrong, I tell you, and it must be stopped.


  1. I must say I prefer "The Bad Idea Bears" from Avenue Q. Kill the care bears, yay!

  2. There go my plans to poke the next bear I see with a stick.


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