Sunday, August 3, 2008

Annoying Propaganda Critters

This is "Decipher Dog," one of the little cartoon characters that the National Security Agency to tell your children that "fascism is fun!"

Note that the NSA, which for decades tried hard to deny their very existence, has trademarked their kiddie bait.

But it gets worse, much worse. This is Herman, the "spokescrab" for FEMA for Kids.

They use a crab because crabs have all of the characteristics that has made FEMA beloved by all: They have no real brains, they have a nasty disposition and when danger rears its ugly head, they run and hide.

These characters have all of the charm of Joe Camel. They seek to gloss over the existence of agencies who run the gamut from utterly incompetent to incredibly sinister.


  1. fema and the bush administration have no brains and hide when danger comes

  2. Eeew, this is just SO WRONG...


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