Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss Hathaway

Damn her! It is because of Nancy Kulp's dry portrayal of a stuffy, butch "spinster" (uh huh) on The Beverly Hillbillies that I entered lesbianism with a penchant for girly girls, femmes or otherwise pretty, straight looking women who were anything but straight.
Had it not been for the public scorn heaped upon the character of Miss Hathaway, I may have preferred to chase butch women, who are famous for being a lot easier to deal with than high maintenance girly girls.
My home repairs could all have been done by now.
My lawn and car would be spotless.
I'd have ceiling fans in every room.
I wouldn't have to waste money on tools and other crap for which I have no aptitude.
I could have been a butch's kept woman had it not been for Miss Hathaway grossing me out at such an early age.
She may already be dead but believe me, the bitch had it coming.


  1. Well now, that window just widened a little.

    Miss Hathaway was a lesbian? I just thought she looked awesome in that pixie haircut.

  2. Window? What window?
    I must be tired. I don't get it.


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