Monday, August 11, 2008

The Worst Political Ad in History

Being from Texas, I have endured a landfill full of of really lousy political commercials from even lousier politicians.
But this little video takes the cake.
Sen. John Cornyn truly is playing a part in this clip. He's about as rugged a cowboy as Princess Sparkle Pony.
He's also one of Bush's main apologists and supporters in the Senate.
He's voted against education, veterans rights and every bill ever sponsored to help average Americans. Whetever claims he makes in this ad, you can believe the opposite.
He's bad all right, but not in a good-bad way.


  1. But he's so righteous! How could you?

  2. big hair hutchison isnt much better

  3. At least Big Hair doesn't pretend to be a cowboy. Nope, she's the same as she always was, a bleached blonde former cheerleader, born with sense of entitlement bigger'n Dallas.
    She may be running for Texas Governor next.
    Ann Richards must be spinning in her grave.


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