Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flashback to the 80's & 90's

"I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!"

Back then, my dearly departed mother was only about 70-something, but whenever I'd see this ad of an old actress pretending to be down, I'd get a case of the guilts about my own Mom.
I even considered getting my Mom one of those contraptions, but I knew it'd end up in the drawer containing her hearing aid, false teeth and other expensive crap we got her that she refused to use.
Besides, Mama would call the fire department, ems and the cops just for her own entertainment. She called it, "checking to see if that 9-1-1 crap really works."
This old lady in the ad is a common panderer-taking advantage of her age to bilk her fellow fogies and their adult kids out of a lot of dinero.


  1. If you examine the photo closely, perhaps the old lady fell because she only had the one leg...

  2. I think the other leg is folded under her.

  3. They still have this but now it's called Onstar!
    "We've recieved a call that you've been in a crash. Do you need assistance?"
    "Fucking Duh!"

  4. Misfit, Shhhhh, let's just pretend she's a unipod, m'kay?

  5. This brings to mind so many characters I'd like to see here. We need any character associated with The Clapper and life insurance commercials to die and I was already going to suggest Cat, the announcer on "So You Think You Can Dance" oh, and the lady who YELLS constantly. Oh, and all of American Idol for that matter, especially Sanjaya.


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