Friday, August 8, 2008

Star Trek- Obviously Annoying

If we're going to deal with all of the variations of Star Trek, let's just get this one out of the way:

Wesley Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation

On a ship with a crew of supposedly about a thousand people or so, including an android that made Mr. Spock look as smart as George W. Bush, there were too many times that the survival of the ship depended on this kid. It was beyond annoying; which is probably why millions of television sets had to be replaced due to gunfire damage from ST:TNG fans.

I could not think of any fate that probably wasn't discussed to death on alt.wesley.die.die.die back in the text-based Usenet.

(This is all separate from Wil Wheaton, who has his own blog, an older blog and is apparently a pretty decent guy. As a bonus, he opposes the Chimperor, so I feel kind of bad for piling on his signature character, but I'll get over it.)


  1. actually i thought ALL of the borg was more annoying since they have personalities modeled after bush...

    but wesley was pretty bad, as a character

  2. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised this character didn't show up sooner. Back in the day there were whole Usenet groups devoted to his demise. But these days if I watch any old episode of TNG I realize how annoying all of the characters were, even Picard, and wonder why I ever liked that show so much. I guess because it was the only Star Trek around.

  3. Wasn't this kid on "The Rifleman?"

  4. Karen,

    I think Wheaton was born waaay too late to be on the "Rifleman."

  5. Thank you!!! My husband loves the character "Wesley" and it's driven me crazy for years (though, I agree his blog looks cool).

    I'm going through to see if you've gotten to them yet, the flat characters in those don't smoke pot commercials.... Annoying!


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