Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stargate Annoying

Daniel Jackson, Ph.D., SG-1.

First off, I never cared for the "intellectual vs. knuckledragger" stuff that the show did for the first few years between Dr. Jackson and Col. O'Neill. But beyond that, what really torqued me was that they killed off Dr. Jackson and then resurrected him at least two or three times, maybe even more than that. Bringing the almost-full-dead back to life with the sarcophagus, OK, that's part of the show going back to the movie.

But killing him off, as in his body vaporizes, he runs around with a bunch of demi-gods for two years and then is cast out and back into human form? And when they do that, they can't be bothered to fix his nearsightedness?

This character needs to die and be staked into his coffin by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  1. I always wanted O'Neill or Teal'c to haul off and punch him one, or leave him on some distant planet.

    Smuch douchetard.

  2. When he got trapped "out of phase" in the "Crystal Skull" episode, I was waiting for O'Neill to say "oh, well" and ask Gen. Hammond for a replacement.


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