Monday, August 4, 2008

Pyle it on

Gomer or Goober
have there ever been more annoying tv characters?


  1. Nope, they really are right up there at the top. G-o-o-o-ll-e-e!

  2. The chimp gets on tv a bunch. Maybe that should count.

  3. Hey D-Cap, I didn't know you had still another blog! Don't know if you got my e-mails on RSS, but here's the relevant links: Google reader here-
    The blogpost that motivated me:
    And in fairness, these two characters were very entertainng to me. 40 years ago. When I was in my mid-single-digits of age. And they may be funny to me as I sink into senile dementia. These days I just don't watch much TV. And the charcters I really want to kill are the ones that play news anchors- most are dumber Gomer even pretended to be.

    Let me know if want more info on RSS- I'm sold.

  4. Gilligan, hands down winner. That idiot prevented them from getting off the island every. fucking. time! They shoulda fed him to the cannibals and then let the Professor invent something to get them off the island.

  5. Professor Smith on Lost in Space. It was hard to remember that the crew was in deadly danger in nearly every episode, what with how good their uniforms and hair looked, but this guy was trying to get all of them killed every damn week, or doing something stupid that could get them unintentionally killed.

    And then's there's the pedophilia angle. Irwin Allen had a thing for pedophiles. Ick.


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