Friday, August 8, 2008

The L Word and Everyone Associated With It

Please. If lesbians looked like this in real life, we'd all be gay.
And if they all acted like this in real life, we'd all be straight.
This show annoys me for so many reasons, starting with the butches who are all coiffed and made-up more than any high femme I know.
Also, real lesbians are not all skinny and rich, with highlights and lowlights streaked into their immaculate haircuts. In fact, a quick trip to your local Home Depot, convenience store or library will get you a veritable treasure trove of lesbians of all shapes and sizes.
The L Word's characters are what makes this show the worst.
I blame the writers and creators for that.
In order of whom I'd love to hit in the face with a pie:
Jenny. What a crazy whore.
Bette. What an uptight artsy fartsy.
Shane. What a faux-butch cesspool of STDs.
Tina. What a doormat.
Alice. Take your Lithium, dear.
I could go on, but I'm making myself sick.

And if all that doesn't kill you, the theme song will.


  1. I don't have "Showtime" as part of my cable package from ComBastards, so I've never seen this show.

  2. I've never seen this, but you're right, if all lesbians looked like that, I'd climb down off the fence for good.

  3. I clicked on the photo. I'm going to have to turn in my "gun-toting dyke" membership card; I resemble them as much as the MGM lion resembles Dick Cheney.

  4. Kitten with a gun and D-Cup, you can rent past seasons of the L Word on DVD.
    I wouldn't waste the money though, just trust me on that.

  5. i have showtime and i dont watch it

  6. Your right...if all lesbians looked like them..I would of dumped males decades ago!

    WTF is up with that theme song? Fucking horrid.

    YAY KZ, glad you found a new place to hang your hat..I will stop by here often chica! Love your show! ;p

  7. I have to admit that at first, I was willing to overlook all the Hollywood fakeness in the show just to stare at JBeals. But even I got sick of it by the end of Season 1.


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