Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Last! A Woman for Most Guys!

The Svedka vodka fembot:
This creation is a large step up from the "Oral Annie" blow-up dolls sold in seedy sex shops off of Times Square in the pre-Disney era. I'm not at all surprised that a lot of men would be enamored with a feminine-looking robot who is programmed to overlook all of their repulsive and disgusting characteristics. When there is a guy whose idea of a smooth pick-up line is "damn, you gots all your teeth! Let's go make babies" (no shit on this one), you know that's one guy who if he's going to ever get laid in his life, it will be with a sheep, his right hand or a robot.

The last thing we need are sex robot..... wait, scratch that. If the really dumb ones gravitate towards having sex with robots, that can only improve the species. It'll be like a mass Darwin Award without the bloodshed. It'd be the end of the Bush clan!

So never mind.


  1. An off brand mascot for an off brand vodka.

  2. Seriously, if this is the best that Madison Ave. can do, they should just give it up. My kids could come up with more creative ads.


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