Thursday, August 7, 2008

Down with The Pink and Purple

On behalf of those parents who wish to raise strong, independent young women.....

These characters represent a fantasy of being saved by Prince Charming. Aside from the ubiquitous marketing of the Disney Princess line of all things pink and purple, I dislike these characters because the push an agenda that females must be rescued and that their only real goal in life it to snag the Prince.

Since they're all plastic anyway, I say toss them in a microwave set on full power.


  1. Thank you.
    Can we add some glitter to the microwave inferno?
    I'd like to send the glittery, melted mound to Princess Sparkle Pony for his collection of oddities.

  2. "If you're pretty and helpless, some man will ride to your rescue.."


  3. Karen - toss them in!

    EBM - Just like the cats! BARF!

  4. Oh please, please, please can we throw Barbie in with them? She's worse than the princesses. "You won't be happy and popular unless you have gargantuan boobies, a beach house in Malibu and a pink sports car".

    Although, in some ways I guess she does prepare little girls for the real world. You'll wear shoes that kill your feet, your gorgeous preppy boyfriend will be hung like a gnat and half the people you meet will only want to be your friend if you buy them off.

    Either way, I say she meet the same fate as the princesses. She gets run over by an obnoxious pink sports car driven by Skipper.


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