Friday, August 1, 2008

Nails on a chalkboard

Now I am REALLY showing my age....

can you imagine getting a manicure (which I have never gotten) and
a) learning you are soaking in dish detergent
b) have to deal with the most annoying Madge ever (NOT Madonna Madge)


  1. I don;t know...recently 'roided up, scary fake accent madge is pretty fucking frightening.

  2. Wait - there's a new Madge?

  3. The old Madge was bad enough You beat me on this one DCap, she was on my "to do" list (though pretty far down).

  4. ROFL! I forgot about Madge!! There's a new one??? Shit!

  5. I don't know, I kinda liked the old commercial..."You're soaking in it!" "Dishwasher detergent???"...then she whips out the Palmolive and explains how gentle it is...

    Talk about a memoral ad campaign! Look how we all remember her! It's right up there with Mr. Whipple, another totally annoying character - but you sure remember "Don't squeeze the Charmin'!"

  6. Madonna Madge too.

    Her zombie hands, mini-me daughter and freaky cult antics are a fucking bore.

  7. Oh man, even as a kid I used to yell back at Madge, after hearing her say, "you're soaking in it": "I'm soaking in dishsoap? This manicure better be FREE, bitch! WTF is this place, Bargain Nails? Are you gonna massage me with Comet Liquid too?"


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