Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Every single female character on "Desperate Housewives."

Yes, really. ALL of them. They should be hammered, hacksawed and run through a chipper, feet-first.

This collection of vacuous, vapid twunts give those of us who are really (mostly) stay-at-home moms all sorts of agita. Not for the least reason: fending off the dumb-assed produce boy or sleazebucket on the dole at ACME, who thinks he can knock off a quick piece of MILF before lunch.


  1. oh, please!! please kill off teri hatcher! and what about the entire cast of grey's anatomy? can they be any more vacuous, annoying, nauseating, self-absorbed, and completely unbelievable? hell, throw the writers into the wood chipper, too. oh, and the cast of swingtown. can it possibly be any worse?

  2. ummm, mikk2 did not leave that comment. i did--nonnie9999. how do i make my name show up? there is only room for the blog's addy. (i know i am going to be so embarrassed when the answer is something so simple any idiot could figure it out!)

  3. Apparently you are logged into Blogger as mikk2.

  4. i'm confused. when i go to other sites, such as distributorcap's or dcup's, it asks for my name and then my website. here, i am only given the option of signing in under google or blogger (which still uses a name other than the one i want to use) or using the blog's addy, which uses mikk2 as the name. i know that it's me doing something wrong, but i don't know how to fix it.
    p.s. funny site!

  5. it's really surprised when she's knock off a quick piece to kill before a lunch. this episode of Desperate housewives really aweful.


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