Monday, August 11, 2008

The Butler did it

Even as an 8 year old I hated this show, with fruitiest butler (or "valet") of all time and some of the most unrealistic kids ever.

I was just gonna off Mr. French, but I decided ALL of them need to go
even Uncle Beeeaallll and Mrs. Beasley

But I would like the apartment.


  1. Unfortunately for your offing wish, the little girl offed herself in the 70's and I think the rest of them also are dead except for the boy, who may be dead too.

  2. kz

    mr french, uncle beal and buffy are all gone

    cissy and jody are still here

    what kind of a name is cissy?

  3. Cissy is the equivalent of Bubba, at least in Texas. Otherwise I have no idea what kind of a name it is.

    I've only known one person who actually had a butler- my old gay friend Fred, whose daddy was a famous Texas oil gazillionaire.

    When Fred moved back to Texas after a little foray into NYC, he brought his British butler with him.
    All the Texas queens laughed so hard at his pretentiousness, Fred got rid of the butler and hired a live-in maid instead.
    But he made her wear a uniform, causing more gales of laughter.

  4. I used to say Uncle Beeeeall to my sister to drive her bonkers.

    It worked.


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