Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nixonian Annoying

Archie Bunker

Yes, I know that this character was supposed to be a satirical take on racism and bigotry and pride in being ignorant. But for too many people, Archie Bunker legitimized being an ignoramus and a bigot. George W. Bush is a direct descendant of Archie Bunker, a person who was proud of being a know-nothing.

Without Archie Bunker, we would not have been afflicted with Rush Limbaugh.

So damn the character of Archie Bunker to hell and, yes, while this is a violation of the ground rules of this blog, damn to hell his creators. If they are not already there.


  1. Norman Lear was his creator, and his liberal bona fides are well-established.
    I hereby rescind your hit on him.
    Sorry, I had to do it-- it's for your own good.

  2. Yeah, this one is like killing off all the characters on MASH because the series glorified war. If you think that, you're really missing the point. Archie Bunker was a warning to the nation, not a role model. It's not his creator's fault that the nation is too damned stupid to get it.

  3. i agree... especially the first few years

    this was a parody and warning....Lear was brilliant

    the show went downhill after Jean Stapleton left

    same with Maude....

    bring archie back --- but when he got that granddaughter or whatever that kids name was

  4. Carroll O'Conner was a pretty decent liberal dude, as well.

  5. Boy, sometimes my dad used to remind me an awful lot of Archie Bunker. And to seal the deal - he looked a bit like Carroll O'Connor back in those days, too.

    And now?

    He's going to vote for Obama. Nope wonders will never cease.

  6. I agree with the commenters who support Archie. Lear was parodying both his kind AND the ultra-liberals, personified by his son-in-law Mike. The whole point of the show was that both sides needed to try to see the other's point of view and not be so dogmatic and partisan. And underneath it all, Archie did have a heart.


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