Saturday, August 2, 2008

Psychologically Annoying

Monk, the detective with more psychoses than are listed in the DSM-IV.

I stopped watching the show in its third season, as they kept piling on phobias to the point that any real person so afflicted would have been a gibbering idiot in a padded cell.

Having a monkey throw shit onto him ought to be enough.


  1. I've had OCD, I still do but I have it under control. My youngest suffered with it for years. I never thought Monk was funny. I watched it once and almost threw a chair at the TV. Yep, one reason I stopped watching TV.

  2. He's like an extreme Hercule Poirot. And Poirot is NOT amused.

  3. ELL, there is a long tradition in television of playing up characters who are "different" for laughs, usually at the expense of the character (and those similarly situated).

    I guess you can view it as a form of bullying.

  4. Once they said he was "afraid of milk," I tuned out. Come on, man.


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