Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another ensemble pain in my arse.

This show was supposed to be the absolute shit -- fuck Raymond, everyone loved this damn show!

....Except for me. I thought that the whole ensemble sucked ass. Whiny, useless, feckless gits, one and all. Clingy momma, useless and stupid ray, clueless brother, shrewish wife...even the kids were annoying enough to make my teeth ache.

Fuck Raymond and his cutesy, dysfunctional, miserable family.


  1. this was a terrible show --- no make that a crappy show

    and heaton is an loyal republican to boot

  2. I agree. I never liked anybody but the brother.

    I also hated Married With Children.

    What I hate is family sitcoms that show dysfunctional, mean spirited families.


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