Monday, August 4, 2008

Annoying on Basic Cable

LtCol. Cameron Mitchell of SG-1:

This character was the leader of the SG-1 team. Whether it was the way the character was written or what, LtCol Mitchell came across as a transplant of Commander John Crichton from Farscape.

Fortunately, the SciFi channel did not renew SG-1 for its 11th season, so SG-1 has been exiled to the world of direct-to-DVD movies.


  1. Losing douchebag, good. Losing SG-1 because it touched too closely on evangelical fundimentalists, bad.

  2. I don't think it was that as much as they jumped the shark after they defeated the Gu'auld and the Replicators in the same season. The O'ri storyline smacked more of "let's go kick over another beehive of villainy."

    Besides that, I am really tired of Daniel Jackson getting killed off and then appearing again. They need to get Buffy to stake him.

  3. I agree on the Daniel Jackson thing; it's been a running gag with me and my wife. But the O'ri story line was not jumping the shark but an attempt at explicit social commentary that drew too much fire from the right. It's really a shame that we can't point out that religions that call for conversion or eternal flames and the act of torture are bad without getting a show canceled.

  4. He was a poor replacement for O'Neill, anyway.


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