Monday, August 18, 2008

Please Bury Him on the Lone Prairie

John Wayne

I have no problem with Marion Michael Morrison as an actor. He made some very good movies and it is few actors who can turn an acting career into an iconic gig. Even when he stepped outside of the western genre, he did a decent job.

I have a problem, however, with the "cowboy loner cleaning up the bad guys with a Colt and a Winchester" icon. I do not think it is any accident that the three biggest clusterfucks of a war that his country has fought (at least since the British pretty much kicked our asses in the War of 1812) have been fought under the presidencies of two Texans who seemed to confuse the national interest with their testicles.

"We goan go in there and kick Commie/Raghead ass" seems to be the mindset of those two fools. Neither one of them had any conception as to what they were getting this country into and both of those endeavors ended with this country diminished.

We need a better icon than John Wayne. Retire him.


  1. I am no John Wayne fan either.
    But I take exception about the two Texas presidents. Bush was born and educated in New England. He's a common carpetbagger.
    LBJ did a lot for civil rights and he did have the civility to choose not to run for reelection, largely because he realized he fucked up so bad in Vietnam.
    He was one of the last strong Democrats America ever had. If he were around today, I can guaran-goddamn-tee you he'd be very vocal about the GOP fuckery we've endured for the last 8 years.

  2. Bush grew up in Midland. That his parents shuffled him off to a prep school known for getting the dissolute offspring of the rich through school is no fault of New England's. Bush returned to Texas after his edjumacation, failed in business there, mismanaged a baseball team and got his daddy's connections to land him a gig as the governor of Texas. He owns land in Texas, married a Texas girl and intends to return to Texas.

    He's a Texan. Deal with it.

  3. Slightly off-topic because I can't add anything coherent to this discussion, but I have a question. Have you noticed the pronunciation give-away that Bush isn't a true Texan or a regular guy for that matter?

    Listen to him pronounce the word "rather." As country club, clench-jawed as you can say it. RAWther....

  4. Bush was educated in New England thoughout his boyhood and into his college years.
    He tried to get into the University of Texas for grad school but his grades weren't good enough.
    He had to choose a nice New England grad school (ahem) that would actually accept him.
    YOU deal with it! :P

  5. texas, new england, frankly wherever he comes from he belongs on devil's island..... with papillion, and no boat, near the lepers, with bugs. in his ass.

  6. Bush got into Andover and Yale because he was a "legacy" admission; if he had to gain admission on his own, he would have gotten an AA degree from the West Midland Truck-driving School and Community College. In other words, he was a charity admission because he was an idiot with an impeccable bloodline.

    As to Harvard Business School, they will admit people who are politically connected who are otherwise completely unqualified. (As an example, he little turdlet who held Bush's suitcases got into HBS without even graduating from college.)

    Bush is a classic example of "affirmative action for the wealthy." There is not a thing in his life that he has done, other than drugs and booze, that he could have done without being a member of the Bush clan.

  7. I've never been a big fan either. And you know that movie The Quiet Man everyone seems to wax sentimental over? I was shocked when I finally saw that movie, and at the end he drags whatsername (I think it was Maureen O'Hara) home by the hair or something like that - whatever, it was abusive! I didn't find it romantic one bit.


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