Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Two Babbling Imbeciles

Harry & Louise, the married idiots who cannot understand anything

These characters glorify ignorance and stupidity, they say to people: "It's OK to be ignorant and just go with your feelings on complex issues." That is basically government by morons.

We have already tried this. Turning our public policy over to the Administration of the Morons has not worked out very well. These commercials, where complex issues are reduced to a third-grade level trite statement, do nothing but harm to our country.

These characters need to be vaporized. The next bunch of advertising people who propose an ad campaign such as this should be dumped into a car compactor.


  1. Remember the persistent rumor about Elvis Presley shooting out his own TV screen whenever Robert Goulet came on?
    I never thought he was crazy for doing that, I only felt envious.
    These characters are definitely worth a couple of slugs from a .357.

  2. I worked at AARP when these commercials ran. Our phone started ringing because there was a rumor that AARP had endorsed the Clinton Health Plan.

    Back then I wished that I could kill them.


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