Monday, August 11, 2008

The Hills are not alive

How do you handle a problem like Maria - have the nuns off her. That would be one of my favorite things.

I always thought this would be a better movie if they killed this character early on. You know, let those brats terrorize Salzburg


  1. My brother used to subscribe to Mad Magazine, they had a killer satire about this movie. They had a lot of fun with the father of the kids being a captain in the Austrian navy.

  2. Egads. My middle sister Jan had a Julie Andrews fetish after this movie came out.
    She even cut her hair like J.A.
    THis movie was like sprinkling Sweet n' Low over sugar lumps, then adding maple syrup to the pile.

  3. What a bunch of Julie Andrews (character) haters!;-D

    Can we let Victor/Victoria stay alive?

  4. My mother refused to go see The Sound of Music when it came out - she said she couldn't bear to see a movie that had a song in it that referred to "like a lark that is learning to sing." I guess her triteness meter was working too well. My father and I went by ourselves, and sentimentalists that we were (even at 10 in my case) we enjoyed it. But I don't think I would now.


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