Sunday, August 17, 2008

Singing tween slunt!

This vapid twunt is the bane of my existence. You can not walk into any store without being assaulted by a wave of pink- and -purple-tinted, China-made "Hannnah Montana" crap. Clothing is adorned with her, book bags, folders, pencils, thongs, vibrators and personal lubes -- all branded with the likeness of what is supposed to be a "wholesome" role-model for girls.

You know, wholesome as in, sending mostly nekkid pictures to her boyfriend, using her cell, or posing, looking just-fucked, on "Vanity Fair." (You know...just fuck Disney altogether, while we're at it.)

Pop-tart prostitot ought to be boiled down for gelatin.


  1. wholesome my ass
    she's a regular capitalist monster

  2. What DCap said. And her closet is a shameful example of sickening access. I hate the message this show gives to young girls.

  3. This kind of twaddle, and all the cheap crap it generates, needs to go, once and for all...


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