Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paging AARP! Paging AARP!

Indiana Jones
As a young man, Indiana Jones rode with Pancho Villa. He fought the Germans in East Africa and was in the French Army during the Battle of Verdun. 40 years later, he is hiding inside a lead-lined refrigerator when a hydrogen bomb goes off less than a mile away; the `fridge is thrown across the desert and he comes out without a bruise, let alone a broken bone or six. A little while later, Jones is in the Amazon jungle, trading punches with a Russian soldier twice his size and a third his age.

Yeah, right. Even the U.S. Army won't take men over 42 and that is downright ancient for engaging in soldiering, but there is AARP Jones, running around the jungle and fighting the Russians.

Strap this character to a scooter chair and make him listen to Wilford Brimley ads.


  1. exactly why i didnt go see this movie

  2. I actually did go see this movie, but not by choice. My company had an "off site" overnight and took us to a drive-in (yes, there is still one within two hours of my home) to see Indiana Jones as part of our team bonding. It was a lot of fun but I have to say Harrison Ford did look way too ancient to be doing any of the things he did in this movie.


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